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CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12 PROFX12 - CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12The ProFX12 is the perfect choice for smaller performing acts, solo per… Voir la présentation

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CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12 PROFX12 - CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12The ProFX12 is the perfect choice for smaller performing acts, solo per… Voir la présentation

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CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12 PROFX12 - CONSOLE ANALOGIQUE 12 ENTREES MACKIE PRO FX 12The ProFX12 is the perfect choice for smaller performing acts, solo performers or for small venues that don?t have the budget or space for a ton of outboard gear. The ProFX12 has everything needed to make your gig sound great and is really easy to operate. Plus, USB I/O lets you record the show or stream music straight from a laptop. The ?Pro? in ProFX stands for Pro. Professional tools, rugged build quality, small footprint?everything you need.The ProFX12 is loaded with six Mackie high-headroom, low-noise mic preamps, 3-band EQ, a built-in DI for direct connection of a guitar or bass, integrated ?Gig-Ready? effects, precision 7-band GEQ and more. The ProFX12 has all the right tools, each and every one designed to sound great. Plus, everything is housed in an ultra-tough enclosure with additional impact-resistant sidecheeks, protecting your investment from the rigors of the road.Live Sound ToolboxClick for larger view of the EqualizerSmaller performing acts typically play in places that may not have an engineer on hand. In fact, someone from the band might have double-duty as ?The Sound Guy? for the group. If you are reading this, chances are that?s you. Let us pander to your obviously higher intellect? you are a professional and you need the tools to get the job done perfectly each and every show. High-headroom mic preamps with great-sounding effects, channel EQ, a built-in DI, plus precision GEQ to tune-up the room or monitor mix. Sounds good, right? The ProFX12 comes with all these features?it is truly the perfect live sound toolbox.?Gig-Ready? RMFX? EffectsClick for larger view of RMFXThe all-new RMFX? (Running Man FX) 32-bit effects processor brings ?Gig Ready,? useable effects to your mixes. Why scroll through hundreds of bizarre effects, like ?ghost ambience?? Yeah, like anyone even knows what that means. Or how about winners like ?delay+phaser2?, which you?ll never use in a million years. Those other mixers will leave your fingers raw from all the scrolling you have to do. The RMFX? processor features 16 solid FX that are known for their utility and usability. Small, medium and large room reverbs with a mix of warm and bright characteristics puts your mix in the right space. Simple, rich choruses and an array of practical delays enable you to create professional mixes without requiring a two-hour sound check. Basically, we?ve delivered the choicest parts of a full rack of gear, right at your fingertips, that is easy to master, allowing you to look and sound really good at your next gig. Really, really good.Record and Stream via USBUSB SymbolWith all the right tools for the job, the ProFX12 allows you to create memorable mixes, but even with all those features, portability is paramount and you can?t be burdened with lugging around additional equipment. No worries, integrated USB I/O takes the pain out of recording. Just connect the ProFX12 to a laptop, start up your included copy of Tracktion 3 Music Production Software (or almost any DAW software out there) and you can record the whole mix. You can even stream music from your laptop during breaks. Once you get home, record more tracks or use the ProFX12 to playback some tunes during your next party. Unless you?re anti-social, don?t have the right kind of place for a party or are just sick of buying food and beverages for everyone. In that case, you can play back whatever talk-radio show you listen to when alone.Not only that, the innovative ?USB Thru? switch allows for an impressive live/recording setup when using performance software like Ableton Live or Reason. When gigging, stream the output of your performance software (or iTunes, for that matter) into the ProFX12. Combine that signal with anything plugged into the mixer, and send the whole thing back to the computer for recording. Archiving your integrated live performances has never been easier!Legendary Mackie DurabilityBuilt Like a TankMackie is known for building mixers that are ?Built-Like-A-Tank?, and the ProFX12 is no exception. All of its tender bits are securely encased in a solid steel chassis. No only that, the impact-resistant sidecheeks are made of ultra-tough ABS, adding extra protection where it is most likely to fall?not that you drop things.PA Made PainlessMackie Active and Mackie Precision Passive LogosSimple is better. A utility mixer like the ProFX12 is an integral part of a ludicrously simple Mackie PA system that sounds great. The only choice is whether to go ?active? or ?passive? with your loudspeaker setup.FEATURES?Professional 12-channel Compact Mixer with onboard effects and USB I/O?6 low-noise, high-headroom Mackie mic preamps with easy LED metering?32-bit RMFX? processor with 16 ?Gig-Ready? reverbs, choruses and delays?Precision 7-band graphic EQ for tuning Mains or Monitors?USB I/O for recording shows and music playback via Mac or PC?4 full stereo channels p…
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